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Welcome to my new site – julz craft store.

mecroppedI am a Londoner by birth, but have now been living in Wales for over 35 years – and currently live outside Lampeter, in West Wales – there is a google map link at the bottom of the side bar if you want to see where that is.

I have worked as a professional photographer, designer and craftsperson – mainly knitting, felting and weaving.  I have also dabbled in wood turning and stained glass.

The header above is the one I use for my julzcrafts.com blog, so you may recognise it, as I have been writing the blog for many years, and am only just starting this one.

I have no plans to stop using the julz craft supplies blog – it just passed the 22,000 mark for viewings (stats) before I opened THE STORE – and I have hundreds of followers – so please bookmark it if you want to have a look at any of the i/sheets or show & tell features.

i/sheets are Information Sheets, which are archived posts written over the years that have useful information, or ‘how-to’ tutorials for various crafting skills – including the very popular ‘how to make your own silk paper’

The Show & Tell Archive, similarly contains pieces written by me, or other crafters, showing their work, and are intended to give you a few ideas for your own work!

jcsgrid- largeOriginally, I had planned to add a shopping cart to  my original blog, julzcrafts.com, but it turned out that the site was too old and wouldn’t be able to sustain the full package I am using in THE STORE.

I have called this site – julz craft store – and not a shop, because I have been selling on etsy for years, and have a ‘shop’ there – its julzcraftsupplies – if you want to have a look.  You are welcome to buy there, if you choose – its a crafters site, and many of my gift idea listings don’t fit in with the ethos of etsy, which is why I finally decided to open my own selling outlet.  I also sell on ebay, again as julzcraftsupplies – but have found it less useful since they have introduced so many new ‘rules’ and wouldn’t allow me to direct people to the tutorials on the i/sheets.

I have excellent customer feedback on both ebay and etsy, and can promise you a friendly and professional service.

There is also a blog attached to this site – see the BLOG page, and I will either be copying over some of the new posts on julzcrafts.com, or writing specific posts on this site about the products I am selling here.

I am the sole owner of this small business, so you will always be talking to me – smile!

You are welcome to TALK TO ME  if you have any queries – are not sure how to navigate the site -comments about anything you like, or don’t like – or suggestions for new products, **and please tell me if you see any mistakes on this site!**

I will return your phone calls and emails as soon as I can!

NB:  Having started working before the internet was ever thought of – I’m a bit old fashioned and like to have some time to myself – to think, to daydream, and just get the washing up done!  So I have made a conscious decision not to use an i-phone, or similar, and my old mobile is only used for emergencies.  I also don’t use facebook, twitter etc etc – but I do use pinterest – smile.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get hold of me, and I do care about my customers and will do my best for you, and would like to get to know you better!

I mentioned in the READ FIRST page that whilst I will normally send out your orders within 24 hours,  – I usually give myself the leeway of a couple of days to get out the orders, and that works out fine!  I will let you know if, at any time, there is a reason when I can’t get your order out in this period and will understand if you want to cancel your order.

I look forward to working with you!


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