1 nugget Pure Natural AMBER RESIN solid PERFUME


just rub a bit on your wrist…can be also be burnt as Incense – now with organza bag!


Red AMBER Resin – 1 nugget at an affordable price for you to try –
approx weight 5 gm. Just rub a bit on your wrist and it will last for ages!

NOW WITH A SMALL OFF WHITE ORGANZA BAG! This is just the size for you to save the amber, but release its perfume – in your wardrobe, airing cupboard – wherever!

If you don’t want to use the bag for this reason, it has many other uses, keeps jewellery clean, fill it with bath salts and throw it in your bath, etc etc – if you want extra bags, they are £1.50 each, when sent with any order.

People have used this resin for years as a perfume. This amber resin also used as incense is not related to amber fossils and is soft and very fragrant. Displayed on its own in a small bowl in a warm room, it will give off a very mild earthy scent which is very aromatic. It can also be put in a muslim bag and used to scent your clothes.

The exotic fragrance of amber resin is extremely popular for its rich, earthy, musky scent.

Amber Resins are completely natural, a wonderful alternative to chemically synthesized perfumes and diluted “Perfume Oils”. The resin is excellent when worn as a solid perfume, as the fragrance intensifies with warmth (such as body heat). Just rub a bit on your wrist a it will last for ages!

It is also a superb resin for charcoal burning, and a truly delicious fragrance for fine soaps, lotions and natural perfumes. If you want to burn it as an essence, its best to burn a charcoal disc which can be set alight and when fully ‘red’ – the amber lumps can be added to it. Alternatively, add a bit to an open fire or brazier for an amazing scent!

Amber is not harvested with that sensual aroma all on its own, but rather it undergoes a slight manufacturing process. The amber comes from the amber resin tree and is collected in India (Liquidamber orientalis). It is usually mixed in a base of beeswax and combined with Styrax benzoin (Benzoin Gum). This produces the almost “sticky” effect and produces an easily applied resin. True amber resins do not contain artificial ingredients, petroleum by-products, or have any mineral base. Studies have shown that it has a psychoactive effect shown through biofeedback as a relaxant for brain waves, (alpha, beta, and theta). It has also been shown to “enhance” heart energy and increase sensual pleasure. Amber harmonizes, balances, purifies, & enhances the body & senses.

to see a little background on this resin have a look at my blog

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