100 gm cone of thick pure CHINESE WILD SILK – light Cream


warp & weft weaving yarn, and great for knitting, crochet, macrame


NB: Please make sure you buy all you need as this is all I have. The firm I bought them from has ceased trading.

This is lovely soft handling, rough looking and a character filled demi-lustre thread.

Chinese Extra Thick Silk
A chunky thickness, undyed pure bourette silk.
100m per cone
Knit by hand or on a chunky machine
Suitable for weaving (17/16nm)

100% Wild Silk bleached to a light cream colour. Wash gently by hand in warm water with soap or detergent – can be dry cleaned. Don’t wring out or agitate too much and dry flat.

Suitable for home dyeing as the yarn is bleached – the result will be subtle heathery shades.

Weave in the warp or weft, knit by hand or machine, crochet, macrame, or use for tassels, braids and embroidery.

I have provided some extra information on my blog:
newz from julz: yarns for knitting & weaving


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