100 gm cones of Dark Pink, Emerald Green PURE BUTE WOOL


Great for Knitting (hand and machine), Weaving, Tapestry, etc



100gm cones of Dark Pink, Emerald Green Bute Wool (see also separate listing for Khaki)

Please order all you need NOW, as the company I bought them from is no longer trading!

This is a fine coloured wool yarn.
Great as a weft yarn in hand loom or tapestry weaving

Pure Wool – once woven should felt (by machine washing) into rich, soft fabrics.
3.3/1nm – approx 330m per cone.
It’s possible to hand or machine knit with this yarn, though when machine knitting, there is a high chance it will spiralise which will create interesting effects!

Used by Alison Dupernex for “woven” machine knitted garments where the yarn
is combined with other yarns to create unusual colour work and texture.

Please remember it is actually easier to hand knit from cones as there are fewer joins!
just place the cone in a bag on the floor to keep it clean and it will unravel as you knit.

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