50 gm SARI SILK ROVING – a very pretty mix of blue, brown with flecks of others


For Spinning, Weaving, Felting, and even Knitting & Crochet


Recycled Sari Silk soft fibres have produced this lovely colourful roving.

Recycling uses actual old saris, and so is always unpredictable. The colours in the roving can change slightly. There is far more of this lovely blue colour in this batch, the next colour is brown, and then there are all sorts of bits and pieces of other colours.

As these fibres have been dyed for the sari, it is not known what kind of dye was used, so its best to wash them in cold water, or ‘just warm’ water, with natural soaps – not machine washing or washing powder – as its possible that the colours may run, and spoil all your hard work!

Top/Roving Width: Circa 1 inch
Fibre Length: Circa 60mm

Perfect for spinning, needle felting and wet felting when blending with wool.
And if you want to knit or crochet the roving itself, you should end up getting some interesting results. Can also be used in this way for weaving – adding texture and interest.



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