6 Fertile Eggs for Hatching – Buff Sussex + Speckled Sussex Chickens


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This is a listing for 6 FERTILE eggs from FREE RANGE Buff Sussex & Speckled Sussex Stock.  I keep both Buff Sussex and Speckled Sussex Rare Breeds – Large Fowl.
 They are free range and I prefer keeping them like that rather than penning the breeds separately.
 I have 7 Buff Sussex laying hens and two Buff Sussex Cockerels (see pictures)
 and 2 Speckled Sussex laying hens with one Speckled Sussex Cockerel
 So, you may get pure breeds of either the Speckled or the Buff, or a cross between them.
The photo of the 2 day old chicks was taken on 22 April (includes some silkie chicks).   7 out of 9 eggs hatched.
Both breeds are hardy, friendly outdoor chickens, excellent at foraging and laying a regular size light brown egg – see picture for egg colours – they vary slightly.  Eggs will be fresh laid at time of dispatch.
Hatching eggs are posted in specialist polystyrene boxes and marked fragile and are always sent 1st class signed for & tracked.  I will only post them Monday – Thursday to avoid them being stuck in the postal system over the weekends.  However, if you know that you will be in to receive the eggs on a Saturday, I may be able to post on Friday.
If you don’t think you’ll be in to sign for them, but have somewhere that the postman can leave them safely, and prefer that I don’t send them “signed for” – please let me know (sorry but won’t be able to change the postage rate as its fixed on the listing)
Obviously the eggs get shaken around while in the postage system, and fertility may be affected.  Once your hatching eggs have arrived please let them settle in incubation position and at room temperature for 24 hours.
TO SEE MORE PHOTOS OF MY CHICKENS AND THE NEW CHICKS please click on this link – it will take you to my blog about them.


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