A4 Pack of SILK FIBRES for making your own Silk Paper


Everything you need to make your own silk paper + instructions


Silk paper made at home, without any special equipment.
You can use it for all kinds of craft projects, and display it in greetings cards, or framed on the wall – make book covers or even lampshades, or create some textile art display.

Make your own SILK PAPER – this pack is suitable for using with the IRONING METHOD which you can find on my blog – julzcrafts.com, by following the link below

Make your own Silk Paper – the Ironing Method

Included in the A4 pack is enough to give you a chance to try the idea out and you should be able to make between 5 – 10 pieces of silk paper from it, depending on the size you want to make.

You get:

20 gm gummed silk cocoon strippings
10 gm gummed silk throwsters waste – white with a small amount of coloured fibres

And the A6 pack of mixed fibres which contains

small pieces of white and mixed coloured silk lap
small amount of recycled silk sari fibre
sample of natural gummed silk carrier rods
sample of matawa silk hankies

Also required are an iron and board or table, a small spray bottle with water and non stick greaseproof baking paper.



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