JUTE HESSIAN, a strong, rough FABRIC


suitable for backing rugs and carpets, upholstery and garden use – sold by the metre


Hessian Fabric
Tough, strong genuine wool bale quality hessian approximately 100cm wide, altho the width does vary a bit – sometimes less than a metre, but not less than a yard wide!

Ideal for all kinds of crafts.
Hessian is a rough and strong fabric with a relatively open weave, made from natural jute fibres.
Use as a base material for rag rugs
A hard wearing backing for rugs and carpets
HAND CUT – ie: If you click 2 in the box you will get a 2m x (approx) 1m continuous piece.

Also suitable for gardening, upholstery etc

if you want to find out a bit more about HESSIAN
you might like to read the piece I wrote on my blog

what is jute? – information sheet no 1


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