Pair of WOODEN HAND CARDERS with 72pt Stainless Steel wire for preparing wool fibres for spinning & felting


makes rolags and batts


A useful pair of wooden hand carders for preparing all kinds of fibres for spinning and felting. Can be used to blend different fibres and colours to your own liking.

Produce your own rolags to spin from, or small batts to felt.

These carders should last for years.

72 point wire is sutable for all wool fibres and most of the animal hairs.

They can also be used for grooming livestock, especially for shows!

350gms / 22cm x 12cm overall size. Carding surface 18cm x 9cm

* Backs made from birch ply, for lightness and strength.

* Balanced to give a light easy action.

* Covered in 72 point card cloth with 3 ply rubber back for durability.
Stainless steeel wire

* Wire is 25 Carder Wire Gauge.

The card cloth wire has a light coating of oil to lubricate it during manufacture. This is normally so light that it is not noticeable. Its a good idea to use the carders with some “waste” wool just to make certain the wire is cleaned off, before you start carding the wool you want to use.


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