Pots of Wool & Silk Dyes – 100 gm will dye 1 kilo of fleece, yarn or knitted wool clothing


Pots have sealable lids, so you don’t have to use the full pot it you don’t need it



Landscape dyes are produced by Kraftkolour of Australia. It’s a one pot dye system containing the dye, levelling and softening agents to produce excellent results with a minimum of effort

Each pot will dye 1Kilo of fibre to the full strength shade. The extensive colour palette can be further extended by mixing the dyes.

No preparation or added chemicals are needed with the exception of using a little domestic vinegar when producing strong colours to fully exhaust the dye bath or working with silk. Because the dye formulations are bulky it makes the measuring out much easier. The dyes give excellent results when used with steamers or microwaves as well as the traditional cooker heat in the pan methods.

You will find the colours I have in stock at the moment on the drop down list – all the colours in the main photograph may not currently be available.  Please ask if you want to order any of the other colours and I will try and get them for you.

Colours can look slightly different from the actual dye colour on your screen.

Not suitable for dyeing cotton, but will dye feathers!

Full instructions will be included in your parcel.

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