can be used for restaurant table number system, or info on food selections sign, used at home or workplace



Can be used anywhere you want – home or business.

Retail display chalkboards are perfect for marking up all your prices, ideal for small shops, or any craft market.

Perfect for artisan restaurants and deli’s, pubs (those craft beers). Clearly labelled and priced products in an arty way can only boost your image and sales.

There are a hundred social uses for these small blackboards – from weddings, hen parties, any event that needs signage, or just on your kids door – so you can write them a message when they won’t open it

Price is for single item, not the group!

size: 28 x 8 cm
weight 12 gm
plywood coated with chalkboard paint

You can choose to add packs of dustless chalk – white or coloured (12 sticks in each) and a mini blackboard eraser to your order – see drop down list.


Additional information

add ons

blackboard, dustless chalk-coloured, dustless chalk-white, mini blackboard eraser


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