Transparent Knitting-in-Elastic Thread – 200 metres



A useful Elastic Thread that will allow you some ‘give’ when you are knitting say the ribbed area of socks, and cuffs, and will keep them from getting out of shape.

Just pick it up with the wool you are using when knitting – and the great thing is that its transparent so it won’t affect the look of the knit!  With 200 metres of thread you should be able to use it for numerous knits.

This is one of items that I have never tried to sell before, because altho its small and cheap, it happens to be just too big to be posted as a large letter, and has to go as a small parcel – which makes it too expensive for most buyers!

However, if you are putting together a multiple order it doesn’t make any difference, as the flat rate will cover any sized item, and you can add this elastic thread to your order without any extra postage costs……


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