you can find all my listings from this page

They are organised into CATEGORIES – click on any of the boxes below to see what is in each category.    If you want to scroll thro’ the whole range I sell – Click on EVERYTHING.

You may find the same product in more than one category, for various reasons – eg: ‘silk hankies’ are listed under EVERYTHINGSILK , SPINNING SUPPLIES, FIBRES and FELTING.

OR – click on any relevant tags on the sidebar

OR – find a specific property via the search window. (You’d be surprised what you find if you try dinosaurs!)

Please note:  as I am still selling on etsy and ebay (under the name of julzcraftsupplies), I haven’t added the numbers of items in stock for each listing, as I would be constantly updating them!   Please get in touch, via the TALK TO ME page, if you need large amounts of anything, so that I can check I have enough in stock to fulfil your order.

PS:  I didn’t want to put a picture of any particular item in these boxes, as the categories contain so many different items. You might wonder what on earth I did instead!  Well, each of these images are from a tiny part of a photo of a pink scarf I wove ages ago, and started using for the background of my logos.  A detail of the original scarf is the image for ‘weaving supplies’ – all the variations below are ‘photoshopped’ from the same purposely blurred image!

happy shopping!